Your Favorite Accessories Reveal Your Personality!

2014 summer beach

Summer is a great season to show off your taste in fashion. From simple maxi dresses to cool jumpsuits, there are just too many choices. We know what the astrological signs reveal about our personalities, but what is an oversized bag or cat-eye glasses say about you? You will be shocked about the fact that what you are wearing reveal your personality!

You Always Wear: An Oversized Bag

oversized handbag for summer 2014

You may or may not be known by your friends as the “bag lady,” but you couldn’t care less. Why? You’re a gal on the go! You spend busy days away from home and a thoughtful, practical individual like yourself must be prepared for anything. You may get grief about your over packing tendencies, but that time you broke your bestie into her locked apartment with a mini Swiss-army knife? Like a Boy Scout, you’re always prepared.

You Always Wear: Cat-Eye Sunglasses

cat eye sunglasses for summer

You may romanticize a past that you weren’t even a part of—well, unless watching Grease counts—but who cares? You dig the retro vibe and appreciate a certain amount of ladylike glamour. Viva la feminine!

You Always Wear: Headphones

headphone 2014

Wish your life was set to a soundtrack? You don’t just like music; you need it to get through the day. Similarly, you surround yourself with art, books, and films that inspire you. You’re a one-woman creative powerhouse with strong opinions, and if anyone ever gives you a glare while you’re rocking out on your way to work: whatever.

You Always Wear: Statement Earrings

statement earrings 2014

Someone has a flair for drama! The statement earring is for the woman who isn’t afraid to boldly express her personal style. From the classically glamorous to the cool and quirky, you’re fashionably fearless, and people admire that about you. It also can’t hurt that a red pair of earrings draws attention up to that pretty face of yours—but you already know that.

Are you surprised by the fact? So what are you? Feminine, boyish, or bold?