What is the difference between bandage dress with bodycon dress

We often stumble upon gossip columns that claim Kim Kardashian looked absolutely stunning in her bandage dress or articles that express appreciation for how Taylor Swift rocked a sassy bodycon style. What is a bodycon dress and what is the difference to a bandage dress? Both dress styles show off curves and the feminine profile but one look at the dress in question easily explains just what style is being rocked.

If you do not know the difference between a standard bodycon dress and a bandage dress, it is easy to get fooled by the latest news blurbs. The Internet helps you to understand the differences between these two styles but the information is often limited and vague. You are sure to find various lookbooks and fashion blog posts that claim to show off great bandage dresses, but what they are actually displaying are simply quality bodycon dresses. So what exactly is a bandage dress, and how is it different from the regular bodycon dresses that are up for sale? The clue lies in recognizing the fabric and fit of the dress. Here at The Kewl Shop, we absolutely live and die by bandage dresses.

Sexy bandage dresses are every woman’s best friend because they shape, smooth, and support the natural lines and profile of a woman. As the self proclaimed authority of bandage dresses for real women here’s a quick guide to help you recognize a bandage dress and how to find one that works for your body.

What is a bandage dress?

sexy bandage dress

hollow out bandage dress

Knowing the definition of an article of clothing is the first step to recognizing it and investing your money in the right thing. An authentic bandage dress is made of composite heavy bandage fabric. The material is designed to support your curves and control bulges. A quality bandage dress should tuck you in and double as shapewear. Bandage dresses are tight, sturdy, and strong. They are designed to fit like a glove or second skin and hug your curves to smooth and shapely perfection. They offer the iconic bodycon silhouette but are very different from standard bodycon dresses—which brings us to the question…

What is a bodycon dress?

Deep V-Neck Bodycon Dress

Deep V-Neck Bodycon Dress

A bodycon dress is a very close fitting garment which is generally not figure hugging – just fitted. Instead of hugging your curves like a glove, a bodycon dress is designed to simply trace your silhouette. Think of a well tailored suit or sexy tailored jeans. Bodycon dresses provide no support at all and are usually worn in warmer weather because of the more relaxed fit. Women come in all shapes and sizes, and truth be told, bodycon dresses are unfortunately quite unforgiving to many of us. These dresses are not options if you are self conscious about your body. If you have jiggles, bulges, or other worrisome areas a bodycon dress is not going to do your body justice and fails to meet your style expectations.


Fit and Fabric

A well-made bodycon dress boasts a slim fit cut that is designed to fit close to your body. However, even the best bodycon dresses have a little give and tend to have visible slack in certain areas. This slacking in fit is particularly visible when you are walking or standing, and is largely due to the blend of the fabric in the dress, as well as its weight. When it comes to a bandage dress, slacking is not something you have to worry about at all. Celebrities all over the globe swear by quality bandage dresses because these beauties are designed to sculpt your curves to perfection. As long as you are not wearing a bandage dress that is a couple of sizes too big for you, you are unlikely to see any slack at all in the dress – which keeps and protects your feminine profile.

Depending on the quality of bodycon dress you have purchased, the fabric blend that it is made of could vary greatly. Quality bodycon dresses are generally made of a polyester blend with a little bit of spandex thrown in for comfort. Bandage dresses serve a very specific purpose – to smooth you out, suck you in, and define your bust and booty. Bandage dress fabric is a super stretchy material that resists snagging and tears. It is also soft to the touch and breathable so that you are able to wear it for extended periods of time. In general good quality bandage dresses are made of a blend of rayon, spandex, and nylon.

You are likely to find cheap quality bandage dresses that are made of polyester blends. These bandage dresses do not fit you like second skin and do not support your body. Polyester is a soft and pliable fabric so it is not strong enough to support and shape your body. Superior quality bandage dresses, on the other hand, are made of a blend of at least 90 percent rayon, and 10 percent of nylon and spandex.

Rayon and nylon offers silk-like qualities as well as a trademark luster that lends its shine to the bandage dress. If you have a look at any of the bandage dresses worn by your favorite celebrities, one of the things that grabs your attention is the highly desirable shine that the colors seems to emit. This luster and soft sheen comes from the use of rayon and nylon. It is needless to say that a cheap quality bandage dress does not offer the same sheen but in fact has flat and listless color. Rayon is also used because of its exceptional durability and strength and spandex is chosen because of its flexibility, stretch, and figure-hugging basics. This mix results in a blended fabric that is high quality, durable, strong, and sexy. Not only can you be sure that a quality bandage dress with smooth, shape, and define your curves but it is also sure to stand the test of time.