Reasons to Wear Red Dresses for V-Day & Other Special Occasions!

Reasons to Wear Red Dresses for V-Day & Other Special Occasions!

Valentine’s Day is officially coming! It’s time to prepare your wardrobe for this celebration! Whether you’re going out to a hot date, to a nightclub with friends, or attending a fun party or school dance on the special day, what you need is a gorgeous outfit to look stunning!  For Valentine’s Day, put aside your classy little black dresses, and opt for stunning red party dresses, which is eye-catching and is generally associated with love and passion! Believe it or not, red dresses are always one of the most popular choices for special occasion, like Valentine’s Day(for sure), prom, military ball, etc. But why?


Every woman deserves spotlights for a special occasion. The easiest way is to dress in a eye-catching bold color dress, and red party dresses are just fabulous option! For the holiday devoted to love, the red party dress plays the perfect role. It’s a little brighter, a little bolder, and most definitely, a little sexier. Whatever your Valentine’s Day plans, you can’t go wrong with a stunning red dress.

You’re more likely to get LUCKY in RED!

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According to science, red color has the capacity to get you laid. As reported by the Pacific Standard, a study published in the Personality and Psychology Bulletin of 2014 found that women wearing this particular color are perceived to be more sexually available.

Red boosts CONFIDENCE and energy

go with wind red dressRed stands for courage, strength, confidence, spontaneity, and determination. When used in color therapy, it’s said to eliminate fatigue, stimulate circulation, and treat low blood pressure. Basically, it encourages you to turn off Netflix, get off your couch, and start living. Leave for the special night!

It’s the best stain catching-color for V-Day foods

wine gifThink about it. Everything you’re going to consume at that romantic Lady & The Tramp-style Italian dinner matches your dress: red wine, spaghetti sauce, more red wine. Thus, anything that may splatter onto your collar or fall in your lap basically won’t stain. Huzzah!

Join ’em if you can’t beat ’em!

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Especially if you are single, it’s pretty easy to be a V-day scrooge. However, it’s much easier (and more fun) to participate in a small way, dress in a red party dress and just to mark the day is slightly different than other days.

So, decide to dress in red and get some luck for the special day? As prom season is coming, you may also consider red dresses to be your prom attire if you want a sexy and outstanding look! Get yourself a red dress and ready to rule! 😀