Queen of Halloween - Heidi Klum Extravagant Costumes from 2000 till now!

Queen of Halloween – Heidi Klum Extravagant Costumes from 2000 till now!

If there is one celebrity that always does Halloween right, it is Heidi Klum! Every Halloween, she shows us a  Halloween costume more outrageous than the last year. For 2014 Halloween party, Heidi spread her wings in another over-the-top costume –  an elaborate butterfly ensemble. For the past years, Heidi has been an Alien, a corpse, a seriously convincing old Heidi, and some other outrageous looks that can’t really be explained. Today, I would sharing with you Heidi’s wild wardrobe choices for the holiday!

2014 – Butterfly

heidi klum halloween butterfly costume 2014
Heidi Klum may no longer be a Victoria Secret angel, but that didn’t stop her from putting on a pair of wings, for her famous annual Heidi Halloween fete on Friday evening dressed as a butterfly.

2013 – Grandma Klum

heidi klum halloween costume 2013 old lady

Last year, Heidi Klum astonded us with the look of an old lady – Grandma Klum.

2012 – Cleopatra comin’ atcha

heidi klum halloween costume 2012 Cleopatra
Klum’s costume plans were thwarted in 2012 when Hurricane Sandy hit America’s East Coast. Instead of letting her Cleopatra-inspired costume go to waste the model changed the date to December 1 and had an extra month to perfect her look.

2011 part one – Ape evolution

heidi klum 2011 halloween costume
Covered head-to-toe in simian-like hair, Klum even secured a pair of prosthetic monkey breasts for her ape evolution in 2011. Heidi’s husband of seven years, Seal, made for a menacing baboon beau by her side.

2011 part two – Corpse

heidi klum corpse halloween costume 2011
There’s nothing more eery than wheeling into your own Halloween party on an autopsy table. With two blood-splattered doctors in tow, Klum was like a dead body with the first layer of skin ripped off.

2010 – Robo Klum

heidi klum 2010 halloween costume
All Hallow’s Eve 2010 saw Klum transform herself rather literally into a Transformer. The mother-of-four chose red and purple as her superhero colours and danced the night away (or not) in a pair of hydraulic crane shoes.

2009 – A Crow

heidi klum 2009 halloween costume
For her first public appearance after the birth of her daughter Lou, Heidi dressed up as a crow. Of course she did.

2008 –  Hindu goddess Kali

heidi klum 2008 halloween costume Kali
Picture Hindu goddess Kali and you’ll probably recall her multiple, colourful arms. You probably won’t envisage a bonus arm belt with bloody hands hanging off it, or a couple of decapitated heads clasped in her finger tips. Such was a blue-rinsed Klum’s interpretation of Kali in 2008.

2007 – A black cat

heidi klum 2007 halloween costume black cat
Probably one of Heidi’s more normal costumes, she disguised herself as a black cat to host a Halloween party at The Green Door in Hollywood.

2006 –  Original Sin

heidi klum 2006 halloween costume

Heidi Klum was heavily pregnant at the time.  She was the forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eden. Her then husband Seal was er, Eve.

2005 – the Vampire

heidi klum 2005 halloween costume
Who knew vampires enjoyed burlesque fashion? With a bleeding heart pinned like a rosette on her corset and a cobweb cape trailing behind her, an ultra-curly Klum put other revellers to shame.

2004 –  the go-go witch

heidi klum 2004 halloween costume
Heidi’s date for Halloween in 2004 was a, erm, skeleton, which enjoyed a piggy-back on the model for the duration of the evening. The model, herself, chose a red witch as her guise and navigated her way around the soirée with a mammoth wooden broom to keep her patent heeled boots steady.

2003 – Golden girl

heidi klum 2003 halloween costume
Touching down at the 2003 haunted Halloween bash was a gold space alien with metallic armoury and thick braids bursting out of her golden helmet.

2002 – Betty Boop

heidi klum 2002 halloween costume ugly betty
By golly, doesn’t Betty Boop look ferocious! Bedecked in blingtastic fake jewels, Heidi vamped up the poor caricature of a Jazz age flapper to within an inch of her flapper life.

2001 – Lady Godiva

heidi klum 2001 halloween costume
Klum kicked off her Halloween career with a bang as a bloodied version of 11th-century Anglo-Saxon noblewoman, Lady Godiva. Rocking up to the 2001 party on horseback, in a latex catsuit and luminous, lengthy white wig, Klum stamped herself a serious spooky contender.

heidi klum 2000 halloween costume

It all started in 2000, when Heidi — dressed like a mid-’90s Hot Topic assistant manager — threw her very first Halloween bash.

So, among all Heidi Klum’s fabulous Halloweeb costumes, which one do you think is the best?