Hot Trends – Kimono for summer 2014

summer kimono 2014

Have you noticed that the kimono trend rocks this summer? From top celebrities to fashion bloggers, runway to street, the kimono jackets are everywhere. If you are looking for something stylish and lightweight, a kimono is just perfect to add the right amount of sophistication to the whole look. Pair it with denim shorts, dresses, pants, or even as a bathing suit cover up, the kimono is as versatile as it is chic.

Summer Kimono

lace kimono for summer 2014

There’s a reason why kimono jackets have always been the warm weather layer of choice among the bohemian set. Swingy, loose and often adorned with embroidery and tassels, they perfectly capture that free-spirited vibe and effortless look we channel this time of year. So, pack away your stiff blazers and chunky summer sweaters to embrace the breezy, barely-there brilliance of a kimono.

festival kimono for summer 2014

How to wear kimonos and look boho-chic? Just throw one on. They do look best with shorts, short dresses or skirts, bustier tops, tank tops, over swimsuits, and over anything you’d actually rock on a hot summer night or day. Wear it as a silky jacket or as a rocknroll sophisticated cover up. And wear it for the jazz of it, not cause you’re cold or you’d look better in it, cause although the kimono is one great piece, it does nothing for us. Shoulders looks slouchier, slim figures look skinnier. It just ads a bit of color, and sophistication to an otherwise boring style.

kimono for summer 2014

summer kimono with fringe hem

Have no extra cash to spend on new clothes? Make your own kimono using an old scarf. Check out this fun tutorial with step by step instructions on how to DIY this look.

Kimono DIY2


1 large square scarf or 2 small.

Needle and thread


Kimono DIY2


1. If you are using two scarfs (as I did) Put one above the other, with the right face of the fabric facing inward. If the’re printed, face them in the same pattern point (like a mirror)

2. With basic stitches sew in a straight line joining what will be in the center of your back.

3. Cut the excess of fabric and open the piece.

* From here on follow the steps if you are just using one big scarf.

Kimono DIY2

4. Fold the piece in half and sew about 15 cm in the two corners inward. (see picture of the illustration above) These will be your sleeves.

Kimono DIY2

Here we come! It’s simple, right? It will not take more than 20 minutes and if you sew it by sewing machine it’s even faster.

So how do you feel about the kimono trend this summer? Will you give a try?