8 Most Beautiful Braids for Summer 2014 – With Tutorials!

pretty hairstyle 2014

Stuck in a ponytail rut? Keep calm and braid on.  Summer is perfect to rock your hairstyles! Run out of ideas? Take a look at most beautiful and popular hairstyles this year! Find one that suits you and it will surely style up your look!

1. The Tucked-In French Braid

The Tucked-In French Braid

2.The Headband Braid

The Headband Braid

3.The Slide Up Braid

The Slide Up Braid

4. The Scarf-Braided Pigtails

The Scarf-Braided Pigtails

5. Crown Braids Redux

Crown Braids Redux

6.  The Zig-Zag Braid

 The Zig-Zag Braid

7. The Triple French Braid (With Bun!) My Favorite!

The Triple French Braid (With Bun!)The Triple French Braid (With Bun!)

8. Try Bohemian Side Braid for Special Occasions!

The Bohemian Side Braid

So, which one is your favorite?