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6 Ever-stylish Nails Ideas for Fashion Lovers

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Every lady pays attention to every detail of her look, from head to toe, and that’s why manicure is so popular these years. Nails fashion is as exciting as the clothing itself. Fashion ladies or artists that we could call them have reinvented some of the trends they pioneered, and no color, texture, or shape was off-limits. Here I am sharing with you the most popular nails inspirations.

6 Ever-stylish Nails Ideas for Fashion Lovers


graffiti art nails

1. Graffiti Art

Graffiti art is all about making your mark—precisely what the nail pros did when prepping rows and rows (and rows) of press-on nails. Paint the whole nail with two coats of white polish and, with a detail paintbrush (pick one up at any art-supply shop), draw what you like on your nail. Stick with neutral colors in the same family for a subtle scribbly look that’s office appropriate.

colorful jewel nails

pearl nails

2. Sequins & Jewels

With multicolored sequins and tiny jewels, the nails are nothing but exciting. Using tiny drops of nail glue and toothpicks, the manicurists clustered gems along the cuticles and halfway down the nails. Sure, it looked like you dipped your hands into a treasure chest, but you can tone down the glitz by picking the same color gems or white pearly beads.

jenny packham nails

3. Shine bright

Leave it to one of Kate Middleton’s favorite designers to make glittery manicures for “noble, cultured women.” Like Jenny Packham creations, the glittering nails are nothing short of noble and regal. To do that, ridge smoothing base coat to even out the nail surface and created a hybrid French manicure–ombré glitter gradient by letting a thick drop of Essie Luxeffects Set in Stones fall onto the nail’s tip and using the brush to push the sparkly flakes halfway up the nail.



4. Neutral shade

Quiet, strong, and modern – The neutral shade presents the independence and sophistication of modern women. Simply use a miniature fan brush to polish in three strokes—one down the center and one on each side—and, after the polish dried, they roughed up the entire nail with a buffer to give it an eroded finish


Pink half moon Nails

5. Half-moon

The easiest nail looks yet—an exaggerated half-moon manicure. Filed tips into a soft square shape and swept polish in bowed horizontal strokes, following the shape of the white crescent at the nail’s base.

pink and purple ombre nails

pink ombre nails

6. Ombre Nails

Ombre is an awesome way to add dimension to your nails and it’s easier than you think! All you need to do is blend your favorite shades together with a makeup sponge to create a gorgeous gradient effect that’s totally eye-catching! And remember, practice makes perfect with a technique like this, so grab your favorite polishes and give it a whirl!

So, which one is your favorite? Get some other amazing ideas? Share with me 😀