fishnet halloween nails 2014

13 Stylish & Spooky Nails For Halloween 2014 – Party Perfect!

So, Halloween is coming and are you ready for the parties?  I am always impressed by the ingenuity of the web’s nail artists, especially on Halloween, when fingernails become freaky, phantasmal and utterly fabulous. Today, I am sharing with you some of my favorite nails designs for Halloween – from jaw-dropping designs to some quick and easy options – which you may get some ideas to decorate your claws!

shimmering halloween nails 2014

Looking for a little glitz and glam this Halloween? To get this stunning, shimmery manicure, start by applying a black polish with orange glitter as a base. Next, apply a sheer, golden glitter polish over it, and finish with a glistening silver polish on the tips.

fishnet halloween nails 2014

Add a little fishnet to anything and your nails get instantly sexified; add a neon green, and it’s instant Halloween.

eyeballs nails for Halloween 2014

This shooting-stars and eyeballs manicure is just amazing. It’s the perfect blend of the cool and creepy, no?

creepy 2014 halloween nails

Ew… I mean WOW. This one is just perfect for Halloween! The owner of this alternating orange and black manicure actually used bubble stickers atop polish to achieve a gruesome (yet awesome) effect.

haunted house manicure 2014 halloween

Make sure your Halloween nails have all the things that make up a good haunted house: ghosts, mummies, spiders, jack-o’-lanterns, and an eerie full moon.



cartoon nails for Halloween 2014

This colorful design features all five members of the monster cereal club: Frankenberry, Count Chocula, Fruit Brute, Boo Berry, and Yummy Mummy. “I chose these because the only time of year they are out is Halloween,” the creator explained.

2014 halloween nails designs

Inspired by centuries-old headstones, this Halloween nail design has just the right amount of spookiness to capture the eerie tone of the season.

orange and black Halloween nails 2014

This black, orange, and silver manicure is great on its own or as an accent to any harlequin ensemble.

green halloween nails 2014

This sharp (heh) manicure mixes barbed wire with a ghoulish green hue.

magic halloween nails 2014

Work your own magic with a sorceress-like nail art look. This starry manicure is a mixture of a silver hologram hue, a purple prismatic tone, and a creamy royal blue shade.

Candy Corn Nails

Nothing says Halloween quite like candy corn.


Frankenstein nails for halloween 2014

How cute is this boo-tifully designed manicure? Begin this version of a Frankenstein nail art look by applying a light mint shade as a base. Then get creative with some black and white accents to bring the lovable monster to life.

perfect halloween nails design 2014

Can’t pick between your designs? Do them all at once, like this Flickr user did.

So, have you decided which one to go?